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Huacaya Females

Sassy before shearing.  She has won 2 Blue Ribbons!!
Sassy before shearing. She has won 2 Blue Ribbons!!

Sterling’s Sassy of Sierra Rose – Dark Brown / Silver Grey – Unproven

Bay Black Female Huacaya – Maiden
DOB 9/27/2011
ARI 31079822

Sterling’s Sassy has lots of finely bundled, crimpy fleece. Her fleece is bright, soft, and has an excellent hand. It is the kind of fleece that makes you just want to dig into it with both hands. Even though she shows as a Bay Black, that description does not do justice to the actual color of her fleece. It has a definite grey component with silver highlights.

She gets her fleece characteristics, her fleece coverage and her typey head from her sire, our own Sterling Knight.

Against stiff competition, Sassy’s Blue Ribbons include:

1st 2013 Gold Country Gathering Halter Competition
1st 2014 California Classic Halter Competition

Alpaca Farm Days Festival 2012

 Silverado’s Ariel – Pattern, Proven

White/Black Pattern Female Huacaya– Proven
DOB 8/29/2002
ARI 121580-9

Ariel is a good dam, makes a lot of milk, and is a VERY sweet girl. She will throw patterned cria, and her dam is from New Zealand!  Her fleece is still fine after all these years.  She is as sweet and easily handled as they come.  She is curious about people and will often come right up to you. She is well behaved and is not pushy or aggressive around people. She must have lived with dogs in the past, as she is very easy going around them.She’s good around children and dogs!

Her cria (Splash) is white with black markings, she is white with black markings and her dam (Janelle) is also white with black markings, and all with different sires! If you are looking for a foundation female, or just a new bloodline, or would like crias with unusual color patterns, this is your girl. With the right breeding, she could make unusual, patterned cria. If we had more space on the ranch, we certainly would breed her with our dark silver gray boy (Sterling Knight). You might decide to give her a go, and get a free breeding with the male of your from our fantastic males.

Clare de Lune

Clare de Lune – White, Proven, Huacaya

DOB 10/24/2009
ARI 30928183

Clare is a beautiful, good sized girl, with correct proportions. She is out of Studmaster Clarence of K2 and Penelope Blanca (Peruvian). She is bred from excellent Accoyo and Peruvian lines. Her background includes nothing but white. White cria would be a good bet coming from her. This is another girl that we would have pregnant more often if we had more room on the ranch.

She still has fine fleece with a good hand. It is bright, dense, crimpy, tightly bundled. She is the dam of Persephone, a very friendly white female. Clare is still a little shy but has become much more accepting of us than when she first arrived at our ranch.

Her micron counts are:

Year   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014
AFD    19.9    22.1    21.8    23.8    25.3

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coquetteMidnight Coquette

True Black Female – Proven
DOB 7/8/2008
ARI 31067683

Midnight Coquette exhibits a fine, true black fleece. Her sire was Crescent Moon’s Rayo Del Sol and her dam was Crescent Moon’s Fantasie. Her fiber in 2013 (at five years of age) was still under 24 microns diameter. Animals with fine, dark fleece are not easy to come by. In fact, she is our finest adult black female.  Her fleece color is that gorgeous deep blue-black with a nice buttery hand.

When bred to Bronson she gave us a Bay Black female with soft, crimpy fleece (Belle, 2011). Coquette is a good mom. She exhibits a lot of intelligence, and tends to be an alpha female.  Comes with free breeding to one of our herdsires!

Her micron counts are:

Year 2010 2011 2012 2013
AFD 20.9  22.4  20.6  23.5

 FantasieCrescent Moon’s Fantasie

True Black Female Huacaya – Proven
DOB 5/21/2006
ARI 30038249

Fantasie has been one of our foundation females.  She is a very good mom and has had no difficulties with any of her births. She has given us a true black female (Coquette, 2008), a light brown female (Camille, 2009), a medium brown male (Maverick, 2010), and a second true black female (Onyx, 2011). Camille, her four-year old daughter, still has 19-micron fleece.  She has 5 Peruvian Socosani 9035 bloodline, with lots of silver grey in her background. She carries that gorgeous blue/black fleece type too, which is fine and has a lovely handle.

She has the sweetest habit of coming up to us and giving us little kisses on our chins, and passes that trait to some of her offspring.  She has a sweet disposition and would make a great foundation female for someone just starting a herd of their own. She has many more productive years ahead of her—and she likes to be pregnant. She is makes find fleeced cria’s. And, if she likes you, will give you little chin nibbles / kisses. Sweet!

Her micron counts are:
Year 2010  2011   2012
AFD 24.6   24.5    21.8

Her ribbons include: 1st 2009 Cal Classic Spin-off Competition

Crescent Moon”s Kailee

Cresent Moon’s Kailee – Bay Black, Proven 

Bay Black Female Huacaya – Proven
DOB 10/21/2005
ARI 30038613

Kailee is a fine-fleeced dam, consistent in her fiber, and correct in her conformation and bite. She a great dam, makes lots of milk, and is an easy birther. She has mothered blue-ribbon winners!  Kailee is sweet tempered too, and seems to “take care” of other alpacas that might be feeling out of sorts.  She stays by their side until they are better.  A really great gal.  Her offspring also get that nice “typey” huacaya head.

She has given us many fine fleeced alpacas including a dark brown male (Altair, 2009), a bay-black male (Black Ice, 2011), a dark brown female (Kahlua, 2012) and a dark silver gray male (Sterling Knight, 2008). Sterling Knight, who will be six this year, still has fleece less than 24 microns diameter.

Kailee is one of our original foundation females. She is well-mannered and still a little shy. She is easy with people, would make a good foundation female, and has many more productive years ahead of her.

Her micron counts are:

Year 2010 2011 2012 2013
AFD 24.4 25.4 24.9 25.5

Her ribbons include: 2nd 2009 Cal Classic Spin-off Competition
2nd 2009 Dixon Lambtown Fleece Competition

She has mothered multiple blue-ribbon winners!

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KAHLUA ‘N CREAM of Sierra Rose


Dark Brown Female Huacaya – Maiden
DOB 7/7/2012
ARI 32044409

Kahlua – actually Kahlua-n-Cream on account of the white tuft that she has on her tail – is one of our sweetest maidens. She is nearly two years old and has rich, dark brown fleece that “tips out” to produce fawn highlights. Her fleece has nice crimp and is very fine, especially for a dark brown animal. Pictured here she is a youngster, but she is grown now, and ready to have her own sweet cria’s.

She has a very feminine face and a delicate look about her. Her sire, Kohl of Sierra Rose, and dam, Crescent Moon’s Kailee, are both multiple ribbon winners. She has some Aussie Rockford, Peruvian Sunny D, 4Peruvian Legacy, Incan Magic and more in her pedigree.  She has a veritable palette of color in her background. With whites, fawns, browns, all the grays, and black she can probably produce just about color that you might want in a cria.

Kahlua is bred to our herdsire, Maverick, for a 2015 Spring cria.

She is a little shy, but is well behaved and walks well on a lead. She would be great for a family with children.

Her micron counts are:
Year  2013  AFD 18.1

Penelope and cria Sundance
Penelope and cria Sundance


White Female Huacaya – Proven
DOB 8/26/2001
ARI 834371

She is a fine-fleeced, white, full Peruvian female with Accoyo lineage. She has good conformation with a nice, straight stature. She has produced lovely crias with fine micron counts. She is a good mother, an easy birther and a great milker. She will be 12 years old this year and still has white fleece that is under 25 microns diameter. When bred to white she produces white, when bred to color she produces color. She would make a great foundation female for someone looking to breed for fineness with options for color.

We have three of her cria, eight-year old Solo (24.8 microns in 2013), five-year old Clare (23.8 microns in 2013) and one-year old Sundance (18.9 microns in 2013). She was very shy when she arrived, but has become much more comfortable around people. She is easy to handle and is good in the herd.

Her micron counts are (and check out how fine she is as an older proven girl!):

 Year 2010   2012   2013   2014
AFD   24.3    25.2    23.8   24.3

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Sierra Rose’s Keira

Sierra Rose’s Keira – Medium Fawn, Unproven  
Sierra Rose's KeiraMedium Fawn Female Huacaya – Maiden
DOB 9/29/2010
ARI 32044218

Keira is a very sweet, conformationally correct girl. Looking for Accoyo genetics? She has it! She has very nice fiber, placing 3rd at the competitive 2011 Gold Country Gathering Fleece show. “Good overall effect” “Good character style” were comments Judge Ken KeiraHibbits wrote of her fleece. She has fineness, good handle, is dense with nice crimp style with brightness.  This girl makes fleece!  Her dam is Snow Angel (sold) and OVA Kiernan of St. Andrews.

She is a strong boned girl, ready to breed.

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Suri Open Females



Medium Brown Female Suri – Unproven
DOB 10/8/2008
ARI 30928190

Amara has beautiful features. She has well defined lock structure, gorgeous luster, and a good suri phenotype head. From her head to her toes, she has lustrous fiber! She is a princess among suris and even comes crowned with a tiara! We call her “Amara with a tiara”. She has a wonderful pedigree. She carries a nice mix of genetics which allows for a lot of breeding choices. She is five years old and is a little shy with people but is well-behaved in the herd.

Her fleece exhibits a flat-lock style with a rich brown color. Ken Hibbits, AOBA judge, said this about her fleece: “Good work for age. … good uniformity of micron. Some re-locking noted. Good luster.”

Her ribbons include: 1st 2011 Gold Country Gathering Fleece Competition


LupeLupe Lu

Medium Brown Female Suri – Unproven
DOB 7/24/2007
ARI 30928114

She is a seven-year old suri and has a rich, dark brown fleece with mahogany highlights. Here Sire is Aragorn!She tends to be shy, but is good around people. She is well-mannered, easy to take care of and she leads well. She handles easily and loves spa days! She practically closes her eyes and says “ahhhh” when we tend to her.

OfeliaOfelia De Luz

Light Fawn Female Suri – Unproven
DOB 11/21/2008
ARI 30928206

Ofelia  has beautiful luster, nice lock style and is out of Chloe and Revolution, with DDF Peruvian MacGyver & Captain Morgan in her background.  She has that lovely suri wedge face that is so attractive too.   With light colors from her dam and dark colors from her sire, she could produce almost any color in her cria depending on the choice of sire.

While she is called a light fawn, her color is so pale that it could easily be mistaken for beige. As such, it would readily take dyes and could produce some interesting color variations. She is a little shy around people, is sweet tempered, and walks well on a lead.  Her fleece makes soft, gorgeous, lustrous yarn.

Her micron counts are:
Year 2010 2011 2012
AFD 22.3 24.9 26.5

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